Mindy Kaling's DIY Easter Cards Are Perfect For Even The Least Crafty Bunnies

All hail the Mindy (Easter) project.

Easter baskets, bursting at the seams with the likes of Cadbury eggs and Peeps, are delicious. But it is nice to include something healthy in the bunch to balance out all that sugar.

Even if that something is inedible and made out of paper.

Mindy Kaling shared a pair of adorable DIY carrot shaped cards Sunday that she included in two Easter baskets she put together this year.

The actress wrote that she wanted to include something homemade with the rest of the treats so the kids recieving them "don't think Auntie Min is an obsessive workaholic who outsources presents like the protagonist in a bad indie movie."

She also provided her followers with instructions and materials, most of which you probably already have in the house (with perhaps the exception of orange wrapping paper).

It's easy! You can do it too, with old wrapping paper, ribbon, paper from your printer, glue stick or tape.

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They're super cute, look easy to make and a great way to add a personal touch this Easter Sunday.

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