Mindy Kaling Has No Problem Shaking The Fashion Haters Off

Among the many reasons to love Mindy Kaling, there's her audacious sense of style. And if anyone doesn't like it, well, they can get in line with the rest of her haters.

"I'm not impervious to people criticizing the way that I look," she told HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri in a Friday interview. "I'm like anybody else. I always want to be healthy and look hot, all the time."

As someone who finds fashion "interesting," Kaling's not afraid to make bold fashion choices that might result in her getting panned. Her way of coping with negative remarks? Reminding herself that it's just not "that important."

"It's just one of those things," she said. "I enjoy it. It is ephemeral to me. If people hate what I was wearing or hate how I was looking, yeah, it hurts my feelings, but then it's gone."

And while she's interested in the ins and outs of fashion, she chooses to focus on the more laudatory aspects.

"Television programs and stuff that is designed to ridicule how people dress or [what they] wear, that sucks," she affirmed.

Watch more of HuffPost Live's hysterical conversation with Mindy Kaling here.

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