Mindy McCready Committed To Treatment Facility For Mental-Health Evaluation After Boyfriend's Death (REPORT)

Mindy McCready is undoubtedly going through a difficult time following the apparent suicide of boyfriend David Wilson in January, and now she's reportedly getting the help her family believes she needs.

E! News reports that after her two children were removed from her care by the Department of Human Services, a Cleburne County Circuit Court judge ordered that the singer be committed to a treatment center for a mental health and alcohol-abuse evaluation.

Concerned family members fought to have the troubled country singer committed to a mental health facility, and after an emergency hearing on Feb. 6, the judge committed her for up to 21 days.

"Mindy needs to get help and we all care and love her and we want her to get the right help so she can move on. She is in a bad state right now, depressed and unhappy. It is not good," a source close to the singer told the website right after her children were removed from her care.

A second source told E! News that the 37-year-old singer admitted during the hearing that she had been drinking too much alcohol to help her deal with the passing of her boyfriend, whom she has called her "soulmate."

Wilson died from a gunshot wound on Jan. 13, and though his death is thought to be a suicide, the cause is still under investigation. The singer went on record to deny any involvement in his death, telling "Dateline," "Oh my god, no. Oh my god, no. He was my life. We were each other's life," when asked if she shot him.

Wilson's death is one more tragedy for McCready, who has lived a dramatic life. In 2005, her ex-boyfriend, Billy McKnight, was arrested and charged with attempted murder after he beat and choked her. The singer made multiple suicide attempts over the years, struggled with addiction and in 2007 she was charged with battery and resisting arrest after a fight with her mother. The singer made headlines in 2011 after she went on the run with her son in the middle of a brutal custody battle. Things were finally starting to turn around for McCready when she got her son back this past December, but now her life has taken a tragic turn once again.



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