'The Mindy Project': An Act Of Kindness Leads To A Full-Scale Prison Riot (VIDEO)

After meeting and falling for an altruistic minister on "The Mindy Project," Mindy started to question her own character. When he dumped her after his church service, Mindy decided that it wasn't enough that she'd chipped in for the van to send the other doctors to a prison to give the inmates checkups. She decided to tag along and offer her services as well.

Unfortunately, things blew up in her face. When she bonded with one inmate, she gave the woman a candy bar. Then, after the woman dropped it in front of the other inmates, a full-scale riot broke out. In the chaos of the fracas, one inmate cut off a chunk of Mindy's hair. All in all, it was a horrific experience for everyone involved. couldn't believe a prison riot broke out on "The Mindy Project," but they thought it was funny. The AV Club was less impressed, though, saying that the episode -- much like the riot -- was all over the place.

It may have worked out in the end, though, as the minister ran into Mindy again after the incident and was apparently touched by her efforts. He texted her and asked her out again. Will she accept? She may have told her brother she wouldn't, but only time will tell.

Tune in for a special Thursday night episode of "The Mindy Project" this week at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox. The following week, the show continues on its regular Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET time slot.

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