This Guy Managed To Set His Room On Fire While Playing Minecraft

Yes, smoking really is bad for you.

Achievement unlocked: viral fame, the hard way.

A Japanese Minecraft player is getting attention online, not because of some achievement he pulled off within the game, but due to an act of stupidity performed while playing.

The 40-year-old man, identified by Kotaku by his nickname, Daasuke, managed to accidentally set his room on fire on Sunday afternoon. Since his webcam was on for the game, the entire incident was live-streamed.

The video, above, shows Daasuke taking a breather from creepers and skeletons to light a cigarette with his oil-match lighter, which he seems to be having trouble using. When it finally sparks, the whole lighter briefly catches fire:

Daasuke drops the hot lighter. While attempting to clean up, he tosses something that must be hot into a garbage bag that's filled with oil-soaked tissues.

It catches fire, but he doesn't notice:

His bad decisions only escalate from there.

Daasuke first tries sprinkling bottled water on the blaze, then moves the flaming bag across the room and beats it with a cardboard box. He also tries hitting it with a blanket or comforter before leaving the room to grab bowls of water to pour over it.

The fire quickly grows out of control and eventually viewers see only the empty chair in the smoky room.

Kotaku reports the man was injured along with his father, mother and another relative who was in the house at the time.

Yes, smoking really is bad for you.

Check it out in the clip above. Fast-forward to about 4:50 for the start of the fire.

(h/t LiveLeak)

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