The 7 Coolest Mini Fridges for College Dorm Rooms

These compact appliances are the perfect size to store drinks and snacks, and they also double as a statement decor.
The RCA mini fridge and Comfee mini fridge

If you have a soon-to-be college student preparing to leave the nest for school, there’s likely a thousand things taking up space on both of your to-do lists. Getting the right backpack for classes, a laptop to record all their notes and a planner to get organized for the year ahead are just a few of the tasks top of mind. But if they’re staying on campus for their freshman year or beyond, then there’s one must-have item they need in their dorm for a smooth start to the semester: a mini fridge.

Like the name suggests, mini fridges are small enough to not take up a ton of space in a dorm room, but large enough to fit snacking essentials, beverages and leftovers from numerous late night study sessions.

However, your favorite college student doesn’t need just any old mini fridge. The beginning of this new chapter in their life is deserving of an actually stylish one that isn’t a total eyesore. Sure, you could just buy the first option that pops up when you search “mini fridge,” but where’s the excitement in a boring black cube of coldness? The most aesthetically pleasing mini fridges merge functionality with style, and also serve as extra storage space for a strategically placed microwave.

Below, we rounded up 6 mini fridges that are cool enough for your scholar’s dorm room.

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RCA mini fridge (3.2 cubic feet)
Available in several vibrant colors including purple, orange, blue and lime green, this mini fridge adds a dash of excitement to any room. It had an adjustable thermostat so you can select the cool setting that fits your needs, and it has reversible door hinges so you can place it wherever you have extra space. It also comes with two removable shelves to place cans, bottles and other items.

Promising review:
"I brought this refrigerator for my daughters college dorm room. Not only is it easy on the eye. It's also very quiet and efficient. My daughter's favorite color is purple and this is a welcome addition to her purple and silver themed dorm room. I would highly recommend this to parents shipping their kids off to college." — Wine Sipper 50
Frigidaire retro fridge (3.1 cubic feet)
Give your college student's dorm room a retro makeover with this throwback-style mini fridge that also has a built-in bottle opener on the side. The two pullout interior glass shelves make it easier to store leftovers, fruits, cans and water bottles, and it has an included ice tray. Color options include red, black, coral, blue, pink and white.

Promising review:
"Bought this for my daughter's dorm room and it works great. It is quiet, looks cute and keeps its temperature well. It is also light enough that 2 college students could carry it from the mail room up a few flights of stairs without problem" — Amazon customer
Black + Decker compact refrigerator (1.7 cubic feet)
This classic white option will blend into any dorm room decor, which will please students with a minimal aesthetic. The compact model uses a mere 70 watts of energy to keep food and drinks at temperatures as low as 33.8 degrees. Thanks to the reversible door and leveling legs, it can also be easily customized to fit into awkward or unconventional spaces. It also promises to be whisper quiet ("This is the one to buy if quiet running [is] important to you!” exclaimed reviewer Uncle Woody) and boasts a convertible interior for stashing whatever combination of Coke Zero (cans OR bottles) you please.

Promising review: “This is a great mini-fridge for the office. I work on the opposite side of the building to our kitchen. So, if I want to leave my lunch in the kitchen refrigerator it is a pretty significant hike. Not to mention that our fridge is always full. So, I bought this and it's great. Freezes a single dinner/lunch frozen meal (or ice cubes with an ice tray that came with it). And, the coldest setting is exceptionally cold. It's great, quiet, does the job. I highly recommend it.” — B Quixote
Antarctic Star mini fridge (3.2 cubic feet)
With an included ice tray and shovel, removable glass shelf, door storage, fruit basket and freezer compartment, this fridge has everything a college kid needs to survive. It even has an adjustable thermostat to control the coldness. It comes in black and mint green.

Promising review:
"Love this little fridge. Bought it for my daughter for college. Nice size freezer that really works. Love the two doors and retro look. I like it so much I keep trying to think of a reason to buy one for myself." — M. Savage
Comfee mini fridge (1.6 cubic feet)
If your soon-to-be college student is short on space in their dorm, this vintage-style compact mini fridge fits the bill. Its small capacity can fit their favorite drinks, snacks and a few leftover pizza slices. But the coolest feature this fridge has is the auto-close door hinge, which closes when the door is left open within a 110-degree angle. It comes in black and red.

Promising review:
"Perfect size, fast cooling, easy to move. Suitable for drinks and fruits. Very good refrigerator, highly recommended!" — DONGDONG LIU
AstroAI mini fridge (4 liters)
Though tiny fridges like this one are often used to store skincare products, they can also keep small food items and beverages, as seen on TikTok. This tiny fridge is great for storing your young scholar's favorite serums and oils or keeping their drinks cold all day. It has a cooling and heating mode, allowing for more versatility when it comes to what you put in it. It comes in pink, yellow, white, teal, blue and black.

Promising review:
"I use it for my dorm room in order to save space. It does exactly what I want by keeping a handful of drinks cold while I’m on the go. I just simply replace the drinks as I take them out. Also does a good job cooling beverages that were at room temperature. Also very little noise!" — Ryan
Galanz retro mini fridge (3.1 cubic feet)
There seems to be a theme with mini fridges and that is that these cooling appliance companies love a retro look. That is also the case with this sleek fridge, which comes in blue, green, black and red. It has leveling legs so you can place it anywhere without worrying about it toppling over. In addition to an adjustable thermostat, it also has a built-in crisper to extend the life of fruits and veggies.

Promising review: "My coworkers and I bought this for our office plus the microwave to match. It has been the best upgrade we've ever done. Looks awesome and has plenty of space for all our lunches and snacks." — Danielle

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