Mini Cooper Sends Spam Apology, Care Package To Customers After Email Glitch

LOOK: The Awesome Way Mini Cooper Apologized For An Email Glitch

To fix an email spam catastrophe, send more spam.

Recently, a server glitch at Mini Cooper clogged the inboxes of some subscribers with hundreds of messages. On Wednesday, a Reddit user posted a photo of the way the car company apologized.

An accompanying letter reads:

"Nothing says 'I'm sorry' quite like flowers and chocolate, so we've combined the two and enclosed a chocolate rose. But if you're allergic to flowers (or chocolate), we hope this duct tape will help fix things up. Or, if you're ever feeling annoyed again, you can de stress using this particularly squeezable can of spam."

The photos are authentic, Business Insider confirmed with Mini Cooper.

But this isn't the only example of awesome customer service.

In October, Lego sent a Massachusetts boy the toy set of his dreams when his family couldn't buy it in stores.

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