Mini Hillary Clinton Gets To Meet Her Idol On Halloween

It was a great Hilloween.

A South Carolina preschooler was in for a serious treat when she dressed as Hillary Clinton for Halloween.

On October 31, four-year-old Sullivan Wood put on her fiercest suit and pearls to attend a Hillary Clinton rally in Charleston with her mom Jennifer Jones-Wood and big sister Holland.

While they were at the event, Sullivan's costume caught a campaign organizer's eye, and the family received the opportunity to meet Clinton herself, Jones-Wood wrote on Facebook.

Briefcase in hand, Sullivan went backstage to meet the former secretary of state and smiled for some adorable photos.

Jones-Wood told ABC News that her daughter is a big fan of the presidential candidate and even sleeps with a Hillary poster over her bed. As Halloween approached, Sullivan asked her mom if she could trick-or-treat as a mini Hillary Clinton.

As the mom's video of their meeting shows, the four-year-old was a little shy but positively beaming in the presence of Clinton.

"She looks like a future president," Clinton said when she met Sullivan.

It was certainly a happy "Hilloween" for this family.

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