Mini Pig Wakes From Nap To Chow Down On Ice Cream

It should really be illegal to be woken up from a nap -- unless there's food involved.

And thank goodness there is in Pickle's case.

In the video above, the mini pig's human wakes him up from a slumber -- a move that would ordinarily be inexcusable except the human comes bearing ice cream. Pickle then tries the frosty treat for the very first time.

Watch Pickle mosey on over to the ice cream and seriously nom on the dessert.

We get you Pickle, we'd be pretty darn excited if we woke up to beautiful sweets dangling in our faces.

Editor's note: There has been no shortage of controversy surrounding the ownership of these micro pigs. According to Best Friends Animal Society, many who chose to adopt micro pigs may not realize that the animal will eventually outgrow its miniature size, and will likely end up abandoned in already overrun animal shelters. If you're looking for a pet, visit your local shelter or

In regards to food, while some human treats can okay for pets, others are unsafe for animals. Be sure to take a look at the ASPCA's toxic and non-toxic plant database before treating your four-legged friends.



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