Mini Pig Meets A Pug, And It's Love At First Sight

By Amber James, writer at

When Charley brought home an adorable mini pig named Otis, he was a little nervous to see how Bella the pug would react to the newest family member. Thankfully, their owner filmed their first encounter because it's too precious for words!

In the funny animal video below, the dog is curious to meet the new guy in town. The pug seems a little hesitate at first and isn't sure what to make of this odd creature. But when the pig starts oinking and nuzzling him, the dog seems pretty at ease. It's quickly love at first sight for these two unlikely pals.

This cute piglet looked absolutely delighted to meet the pup. I am surprised that Pickle has not broken the internet yet with his cuteness! This may be one of the most adorable videos ever! No doubt, Otis and Bella be the best of friends for life.

According to Charley's YouTube page, his mini pig is "sassy but loves to cuddle."

As you can see from the video, mini pigs are social, friendly, and affectionate. Although miniature pigs may not work for every household, they do actually make extraordinary pets for the right families.

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