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Artist Crafts Teeny Tiny Models Of Famous Artists' Studios

Looking at the image below, you may think you're simply getting a sneak peek behind the closed doors of some of today's most influential contemporary artists. But this visual studio visit is more than just a rare photo. What you see before you is in fact a miniature diorama, recreating Chuck Close's work space in startling detail.

Chuck Close Sculpture

For over ten years artist Joe Fig has crafted teeny tiny replicas of renowned artist studios, his meticulous renderings measuring from four to 60 inches. Starting with art world megastars like Jackson Pollock, Jasper Johns and Willem de Kooning, he has since moved to exciting contemporary names like Eric Fischl and Mary Heilman.

Heilman's beachy studio harmoniously compliments her abstract canvases, as does her record collection, which is also on display. Chuck Close closely studies a supersized portrait, with paint splatters speckled beneath him. Not a detail is spared in these pint sized portrayals, which function as much as portraits as depictions of space.

Jackson Pollock Sculpture

The models point to our collective fascination with the creative process and endless desire to get the behind-the-scenes scoop. Somewhere between a stage set and a diorama, these miniature artist studios offer a large insight into the minds and lives of the always mysterious process of creating art.

Jasper Johns Sculpture

Willem de Kooning Sculpture

Barnett Newman Sculpture

Constantin Brancusi Sculpture

Mary Heilman Sculpture

Malcolm Morley Sculpture

"Jack the Dripper" Sculpture

Eric Fischl Sculpture

Ross Bleckner Sculpture

Joe Fig Self Portrait Sculpture

Fig's images have been featured in a book, "Inside the Painter's Studio," which is currently in its 6th printing, popping up in 11 different countries across the world. The artist is set to publish a follow-up publication in the Fall of 2015. His works are also on view at the Wellin Museum's "A Sense of Place" exhibition from September 28 through December 22, 2013. He is represented by Tierney Gardarin gallery in New York.

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