10 Minimalist Bedroom Essentials, According To An Etsy Expert

Less is more.
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Does your space look like a collection of spontaneously purchased and random pieces that don’t exactly mesh? What if we told you there’s a way to go about your next redesign that will not only punch up but streamline your home’s look?

That’s where minimalism comes in. We reached out to Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s resident trend expert, and asked her about the underrated trend and how its clean look is paving its own path in simplified home decor.

“Less is more,” Johnson says. “It’s about making a bigger statement with fewer items...while focusing on clean lines.”

This “less is more” notion might seems to counter our spendthrift habits, but Johnson says purchases today are more meaningful, rather than spontaneous. “People are putting more thought into the items they purchase rather than buying just to buy.”

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Johnson’s advice to start moving toward a less-cluttered, minimalist life? Remove clutter from surfaces, corners, and nooks and crannies to open up the space. “Next, think of a neutral color palette and add a fun pop of color that matches your personality. Finally, choose a few quality items with intricate details, cool patterns or fun textures that will add an interesting design element to your space.”

“People are putting more thought into the items they purchase rather than buying just to buy.”

- Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's Resident Trend Expert

To make your next design adventure even simpler, we asked Johnson to put together a blend of minimalist essentials that will help you create a perfectly simple bedroom oasis.

Check out some of her favorite pieces below ― like this hex mirror, bed frame or these small planters ― and sign up for our Full Carts, Can’t Lose email to stay on top of the best deals each week.

Minimalist Wood and White Wall Clock - $54+
"This wood wall clock will add a clean, crisp touch to your home decor." Shop it here.
Modern Brass Planters - $45+
"This modern planter is made from a sheet of brass manipulated into a half sphere shape. It rests on a wooden base that the seller carved on a lathe from Beechwood and was inspired by a nearby satellite farm." Shop them here.
Minimalist Modern Pillow Cover - $24+
"This pillow was created from the designer’s love for Scandinavian, modern, minimalist and all things white. It is a simple way to brighten up any bedroom." Shop it here.
Black and White Grid and Velvet Storage Basket - $17+
These baskets are a perfect modern storage solution for plants, toys, toiletries, or school supplies. Shop it here.
Sierra Chair - $1,075
"The ultimate lounge chair with an industrial steel frame and 100% down cushion." Shop it here.
Minimalist Abstract Wall Art - $6
"This wall art will create a sense of balance and add a pop of color to your current decor." Shop it here.
Cotton Knitted Throw Blanket - $160
"Big enough to cuddle under, and warm enough to keep you out long after the sun’s gone down. This is the perfect modern design to add to any living space." Shop it here.
Oak Wood White Beside Table - $662
"This table features tapered legs and stacked drawers for a sleek, hardware-less look." Shop it here.
Leather Wrapped Vase - $50
"This glass cylinder wrapped in vegetable tan leather and hand saddle stitched with fine waxed linen thread is the perfect addition to any modern space." Shop it here.
Scandinavian Cushion Cover - $35+
"Liven up your home with this Scandinavian style pillow cover. The original artwork has been digitally printed on the fabric, then cut and sewn by hand to make a unique and modern cushion cover." Shop it here.

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