Fake Your Way To A Fancy New Year's Party With These Simple Decorations

Less working, more drinking.
Learn how to DIY this holographic NYE garland at <a href="http://www.papernstitchblog.com/2015/12/14/holographic-new-years-eve-garland-diy-and-photo-booth-backdrop/" target="_blank">Paper &amp; Stitch</a>.&nbsp;
Learn how to DIY this holographic NYE garland at Paper & Stitch

Who really has the time, money or energy to blow on decorating for New Year's Eve?

The decorations most likely won't make it through the night anyway, so you might as well take a cue from Don Draper and "make it simple, but significant."

Take a gander at the minimalist ideas below and save the lavish ideas for the bash of your dreams for when you're ready to full-on adult... in 10 years.

Put balloons over each place setting to liven up the table.
Use gold spray paint to turn fruit into a festive centerpiece or decoration.
Grab a hole punch and spare paper and DIY your own confetti.
Make a simple banner with clothespins, twine and paper.
Attach two balloons to your bar cart and call it a day.
Throw Hershey's Kisses in a dish and call them "midnight kisses." You'll look so clever.
DIY a cheeky sparkling banner. Your party will be the talk of Instagram.
Before blowing up those balloons, throw a little confetti inside for something different.
Repurpose those shimmery Christmas ornaments.
When in doubt, let the alcohol speak for itself.

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