Are Minion Toys Saying 'What The F**k'? Parents Say Yes, McDonald's Says No

These Minions are really despicable.

McDonald's has come under fire for distributing toys based on the new movie "Minions" that appear to be using profane language.

The tiny toys, available in McDonald's Happy Meals, can be heard uttering a phrase strikingly similar to "What the fuck."

"It turned out to be a toy that decided to talk profanity," upset grandfather Bradley Merten told Florida ABC affiliate WFTV. "I can't believe it's coming out of a toy."

Detroit Free Press columnist Nancy Kaffer said she "died a little inside" after hearing the phrase repeated by her preschool-age son.

McDonald's released a statement saying the toy Minions are only speaking "Minionese," a fictitious language that apparently includes the phrases "para la bukay," "hahaha" and "eh eh."

The toys will remain in distribution, ABC 7 reported.