Minions Will Haunt Your Dreams if You Sleep on this Insane Bed

Minions already dominate so much of our lives — from our movie screens to our radios to even our toilet seats — that it makes sense we’d invite them into our bedrooms, too.

The yellow, infectious and (depending on whom you ask) either incredibly adorable or incredibly annoying creatures from the Despicable Me films are now available to purchase in bed-form, just in time for the new Minions movie. And we’re not talking about a generic, boring Minion bedsheet you can buy at Target. This is an entire bed that’s shaped like a Minion, complete with arms to cuddle you.

We’d like to think it’s designed for kids, but there’s no shortage of infantilized grown-ups who remain obsessed with Disney, Pixar and Nickelodeon characters well into adulthood. That’s why Disney World is one of the world’s top 10 honeymoon destinations.

If this appeals to you, head over to AliExpress and snatch one up for just $196. But act fast — we can’t imagine this is officially licensed Minion merchandise. Expect Universal Studios to take notice soon.

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