Ministers confront Glenn Beck outside his Christmas stage show (Video & Photos)

Ministers confront Glenn Beck outside his Christmas stage show (Video & Photos)
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Rev. Tillard speaks out against Glenn Beck

Last night, Glenn Beck performed "The Christmas Sweater" -- a stage play that was broadcast live in theaters across the country -- inside NYU's Skirball Center. As he performed, ministers and people of faith from across New York City gathered outside the event with NYU students and ColorOfChange members, condemning Beck's attempt to cloak himself in Christian values while continuing his race baiting and fear mongering on TV and the radio. Reverends Conrad Tillard, Donna Schaper, and Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou spoke and led the gathering in song, as Beck's supporters -- many of them bussed in from out of town -- lined up outside his show.

NYU's Washington Square News covered the event:

Church groups were upset at Beck's use of Christian imagery and Christmas as a way to disseminate what they call his largely hateful message. They believe the way Beck addresses women, people of color and immigrants is incompatible with the Christian ethic.

"It is outside Biblical narrative," said Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, senior minister at Lemuel Haynes Congregational Church. "We are a small church saying we are opposed to constant racist language."

Here are some photos from the rally:

These photos are from the Washington Square News article:

Christmas is supposed to be a holiday of love, unity, and sharing. Glenn Beck shouldn't be allowed to get away with wrapping himself in the Christmas tradition while he whips up fear, division, and hate. Yesterday, New York made sure he didn't.

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