Minka Kelly In 'Charlie's Angels': 'Friday Night Lights' Star Cast

Derek Jeter is going to have to share: Minka Kelly is now one of 'Charlie's Angels.'

The former 'Friday Night Lights' star has been cast in an as yet unnamed role as one of three lady spies in the ABC reboot of the 70's TV series and early 2000's movie franchise, according to TVLine.com.

She'll play a character that was once intended to be a neat freak, hand-to-hand combat fighting weapons expert named Marisa. Now, they're reworking the role to fit the actress.

It's a potentially good choice for ABC and producer Drew Barrymore (who starred in the film series), as Kelly is gaining renown, both for her acting (including a recent role in 'Parenthood') and looks -- she was named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive in 2010.

She's also Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter's longtime girlfriend.