Minneapolis Area Motels Charging Hundreds A Night For Really Filthy Rooms

Would you pay $450 for a room with bloodstained sheets?

If you’re traveling to Minneapolis for this Sunday’s Super Bowl, you can expect to pay a jacked-up rate for a hotel room.

But some of those non-bargains could be much, much worse than others, according to an investigation by Inside Edition. Customers are getting some pretty crappy rooms, based on the findings of reporter Lisa Guerrero.

She checked out some area motels to see if their rooms were worth paying 10 times over the normal rate.

Spoiler alert: No, they weren’t.

One Days Inn in St. Paul charged Guerrero $900 a night for a room that typically costs $90. After paying through the nose, she discovered trash under the refrigerator, a hand towel left in the toilet and a pile of cigarette ashes on the floor.

A Super 8 Motel in Minneapolis was charging $550 for a Super Bowl weekend stay. The room came with cigarette burns on the sheets, what looked like mold in a desk drawer, food scraps, cigarette butts and sexual lubricant under the bed.

Guerrero questioned the manager there, who told her on camera, “I can’t really answer anything because I just do maintenance.”

The reporter was most grossed out by the Metro Inn Motel in Minneapolis, which was charging $450 a night for the Super Bowl.

Guerrero said every bed she saw had hairs on it and one had bloodstained sheets. She found a syringe in another room.

Investigative reporter Lisa Guerrero checks out motel rooms in Minneapolis and St. Paul before the Super Bowl.
Investigative reporter Lisa Guerrero checks out motel rooms in Minneapolis and St. Paul before the Super Bowl.
Inside Edition

A representative for the Metro Inn Motel later told Inside Edition that all the rooms would be going through a deep clean. Reps for the Wyndham Hotels Group, which owns the Super 8 and Days Inn brands, said the locations that Guerrero visited are franchises, but they have reached out to the owners to address the problems.

Of course, crummy rooms with price-gouging rates during the Super Bowl aren’t unique to Minneapolis. Guerrero found rooms just as disgusting last year in Houston when that city hosted the big game.

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