Distressed Vikings Fan's Sign Proves Just How Devastating Sports Can Be

"I bought this ticket b4 the field goal."

After a heartbreaking, tear-jerking, last-second loss to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings and their fan base have struggled to remain calm. They swore and they sobbed, they pointed their collective finger at kicker Blair Walsh, and then they left it up to a bunch of first graders to help the devastated kicker feel better.

One fan, however, was apparently so distraught over last Sunday’s outcome that he forgot to sell his ticket to what would’ve been his team’s NFC Divisional Playoff Game this Saturday. You know, the game in Arizona.

This guy.

That’s right -- this Vikings fan apparently paid for, showed up at and thus far has sat through a good portion of a playoff game that does not feature his Vikings. And he did it in full Vikings gear.

He was apparently also too distraught to catch the typo on his sign. We’ll let that slide, though, considering the emotional roller coaster he’s experienced throughout this sad, sad week in Minnesota history. 

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