Minnesota Woman Gives Birth To 15-Pound Baby Boy (VIDEO)

A Minnesota woman gave birth to a 15-pound 6-oz. baby boy last Monday, Nov. 23.

Axel Laverne Dolton was born three weeks premature and still wieghed in at more than twice the average birthweight of babies born in Minnesota.

Axel's mother and father, Wendi and Michael Dolton of Rochester, Minn., told the TODAY Show this weekend that they knew their infant would be big, at least 12 pounds, but they weren't expecting the baby to weigh in at 15 lbs.

Wendi Dolton says she too was a big baby, and weighed more than 10 lbs. at birth. She said doctors had to break her shoulders to deliver her.

Axel is the Dolton's third child and their first boy.

In 1955, an Italian woman set a world record when gave birth to a 22lb. 8 oz. baby boy. More recently, a 19 lb. 2 oz. baby was delivered in Indonesia earlier this year.

Watch the family's interview: