Minor Leaguer Strikes Out In The Weirdest Way Imaginable

Something new at the ol' ballgame.

It’s probably safe to say Josh Fuentes will strike out again in his minor league career ― but never again like this: 

The now-viral moment happened Friday at a game in Binghamton, New York. Fuentes, batting for the Hartford Yard Goats, watched Binghamton pitcher Cory Burns slip off the mound and throw a meek pitch that rolled on the infield grass.

Fuentes, still in the batter’s box, took what appeared to be a playful practice swing while the ball rolled toward the first base line. Oops, dude. The ball was live and the umpire ruled it a third strike to end the top of the eighth inning. Hartford was losing 5-4 at the time and the score ended that way, the Hartford Courant reported.

But at least Fuentes made it onto national television while maintaining his sense of humor.