Minute Hacks: Making Ramen Less Boring

How To Make Ramen Less Boring

Eating a fast, cheap meal nowadays usually consists of either the unhealthy, (drive-thru burgers and fries) or the unsatisfying (cereal for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Eating on the cheap doesn't have to clog your arteries, and it doesn't have to be the same old tired meal every day. Today's Minute Hack is geared toward filling you up and keeping your meals varied with a little help from every college student's good friend: Ramen. Instant ramen is eaten all over the world, and at an average wholesale price of 12.5 cents in the US, it's a great choice for those dining on a budget. In Japan, ramen is often called "gakusei ryori", or "student cuisine", because of its low-cost, delicious appeal for students. If you're a college student trying to feed yourself right, know that you're in the good company of other students all over the world who have the same goal.

Chances are, you've enjoyed a little instant ramen recently, but if you haven't tried any of these tasty meal hacks, you've been missing out. Ditching the instant ramen flavor packet and opting for some cheap, tasty add-ons to your noodles makes for a healthier, tastier, and more satisfying ramen experience.

Test out some of the video's recipes for yourself, and then throw a fancy ramen dinner party—your friends and roommates are sure to be impressed with your newfound culinary expertise. A cheap meal shouldn't be unsatisfying, and it shouldn't leave you with the drive-thru regret of so many artery-clogging tacos or tater-tots. Next time you find yourself pining for a little home-cooked flavor without spending a fortune, remember this Minute Hack video, and be thankful for all the ramen in your life.

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