Minute Hacks: Working Smarter on Your Smart Phone

You're waiting in line for a quick slice of pizza. You only have a few minutes. You've decided this down time is just right for listening to those 13 voicemails you've been ignoring. In fact, nothing irks you more than listening to voicemail, but Aunt Alice can't help leaving three minute long reminders about washing your laundry in cold water and your boss somehow thinks leaving voice mails with detailed instructions is something that's still done. You look up and notice everyone around you has their heads similarly buried in their smartphones, surely reading articles about Kim Kardashian's latest antics, or watching a YouTube video of rabid squirrels chasing antelope. You shake your head in frustration. You're certain there is a better way to use this phone. Certain.

If you've ever wondered how to make your smartphone work for you, look no further. You pay your phone bill every month, so make sure you can justify those three figures that eat up a bit of your budget. Use your smartphone to work for you. The following video, brought to you by HackCollege, will give you a look at five ways you can work smarter on your smartphone.

What does it mean to work smarter? It means to let the techie design guys do your bidding for you. It means taking advantage of time-saving apps that you might not even know exist. It means actively giving yourself more time to do what you want, staying more organized, and never being at a loss if you don't have your laptop right in front of you and you must access that presentation immediately. You're using the full functionality of the smart little machine that fits so nicely in your back pocket. It means never listening to voice mail again. Ever.

Whether you're looking for more time, better organization, or more money, check out this Hack College video and you'll step a little lighter knowing your smartphone is pulling its own weight.

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