The Power Of The Miracle Berry

The Miracle Berry resembles the cranberry in appearance, but that is where the similarities end. In fact, the Miracle Berry is unlike any other fruit out there!
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What's better than a frosty vanilla cone on a hot summer day, or a rich slice of warm chocolate cake after a luxurious dinner? Sweet treats are as much a part of our culture as they are our taste palettes, and it can sometimes seem as though sugary snacks are everywhere. Whether it's your favorite candy bar at the checkout aisle or your grandma's signature red velvet cake recipe, it can be hard to say "no" to fare that it is high in sugar and calories, even though we know it is detrimental for our waist line as well as our health.

If you are tired of constant yo-yo dieting and the sugar crashes and withdrawals that are brought on by your addiction to chocolate, don't despair. There is a solution which can completely transform the way you eat. The Miracle Berry has the power to literally change the way you taste food, making foods that are usually sour and tart into foods that are sweet and rich, meaning that recipes and calorie contents can be revamped from the ground-up.

The Miracle Berry resembles the cranberry in appearance, but that is where the similarities end. In fact, the Miracle Berry is unlike any other fruit out there! This fruit has a protein which can actually alter your taste receptors. The protein adheres to the taste buds and prevents sour foods from registering as tart or bitter. Instead, the food tastes sweet and delicious.

If it sounds like a passing fad or the latest diet trend, rest assured, the Miracle Berry is far from a blip on the cultural radar. Not only is the Miracle Berry natural and safe, but it has been enjoyed for hundreds of years by people in other countries.

In 1725, European explorer Chevalier des Marchais found that West African tribes would eat a special fruit (the Miracle Berry) before eating their traditional foods. Many of these foods were often lacking in flavor due to lack of the tribes' lack resources and remote location, but by eating the Miracle Berry before each meal, the men and women were able to do more than just take in sustenance...they were able to enjoy a delicious meal because the berry actually transformed the plain flavor of the food into something delicious. Thanks to this small berry, these tribes were able to live long, healthy lives and avoid famine or want.

Of course, in modern America, we tend to have the opposite problem. We have so many delicious and fattening choices available to us, that it can be hard to make smart decisions. But, again, Miracle Berry can change all that.

For example, at my Chicago restaurant, iNG, all of our desserts are prepared without sugar and with half the calories of traditional dishes, but after you try a spoonful of mberry, each bite of dessert will taste as decadent and sweet as if you were eating the real thing.

Not only is it wonderful for people who want to cut back on sugar, but it is a true godsend for people with diabetes who can no longer eat their favorite desserts without risking severe health complications. It's the best of both worlds--you get to enjoy a decadent dessert without feeling stuffed or lethargic after your meal, and your skinny jeans will still fit the next morning!

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