Water-To-Wine Machine Is Fact In Too Good To Be True (UPDATE)

It works with the help of iPhone apps and Bluetooth connections -- thank you, technology.

UPDATE: This kitchen appliance will not be coming into production. It is in fact a publicity stunt to bring attention to the charity Wine to Water, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supplying clean drinking water to people in need around the globe. But when we thought it was a legitimate product, this is what we said:

"Jesus made water into wine; with all the technology we have available today, why can’t we do the same?" That was the question that Kevin Boyer (a nationally recognized sommelier) and Philip James (founding CEO of Lot18 wine club) asked themselves on a drunken night that eventually led to the creation of The Miracle Machine. This machine, which is currently in funding stage, is set to be a kitchen table-top appliance that will actually turn water into wine with nothing more than technology (and a few essential grape concentrates).

In just three days, and with the help of an iPhone app and Bluetooth connections, you can make your own wine at home for a fraction of the price it costs at the store. Though, of course, you first have to buy the appliance for the hefty sum of $499. But after that, the wine concentrates and finishing flavors that make your water taste like wine costs nothing more than a couple of bucks a bottle. And they claim this produces the flavor quality of bottles that will normally set you back $20.

Unbelievable, right? Well, it's a miracle. Here's how it works:
  • Pick a recipe from the app.
  • Directly purchase the yeast, grape concentrate and finishing powder ingredients from The Miracle Machine website.
  • Add water, yeast and grape concentrates and turn the machine on.
  • Let the fermentation chamber do its thing.
  • Get updates on your phone about the progress of your wine.
  • Add the sachet of finishing powder to impart oak and other flavors that will allow your wine to taste as if it has been aging for several months to a year.
  • Wait for the smart phone alert in about three days that your wine is done and ready for drinking.

miracle machine

This machine disregards centuries of highly regarded wine making traditions and brings it into the fast pace of the 21st century. For better or for worse, if brought into production The Miracle Machine will change the face of wine forever. If you want to help make that happen, look out for the soon-to-launch Kickstarter page to pledge toward this goal. Watch the video above for a more in-depth explanation of the technology behind this miraculous machine.

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