Man Wakes Up From Coma, Ties The Knot On Christmas Day

Against all odds, Sacramento couple Tommy and Regina Jeglum tied the knot on Christmas Day.

In June, Tommy -- a telecommunications tower climber -- fell fifty feet while on the job and was in a coma for more than two months.

According to FOX40, the doctors originally said that only 10 percent of people with this type of injury actually wake up.

Luckily, Tommy was in that 10 percent. He is now able to sit up, eat and speak.

“Now he is awake and getting better every day,” Regina told FOX40. ”It’s amazing, our children have their daddy to hold them, kiss them.”

For more on the Jeglum's Christmas miracle, watch the video above.

In September, we heard about another person who overcame a near-fatal injury before tying the knot. Redditor michzoozoo was in a horseback riding accident that nearly took her life and left her in a wheelchair. But just three months later, the bride was able to marry her best friend.

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