Miranda Cosgrove Says She'd 'Love' To Do An 'iCarly' Reunion

Carly could be coming back!

Carly Shay clearly takes after her brother Spencer, because she's about to set the Internet on fire.

Miranda Cosgrove stopped by AOL Build on Monday to talk about her new series, "Crowded," and during a Q&A with the audience, she gave "iCarly" fans the news they'd been waiting to hear since the series ended in 2012.

"Yeah, I would totally do a reunion," said Carly Shay Cosgrove when asked if she'd ever reprise the role.

The actress said she pretty much has reunions all the time with her co-star and real life BFF Jennette McCurdy, but she'd "love to do an actual reunion."

Cosgrove even has an idea for what the reunion could be about. "I'd also like to know what's going on with Carly's mom because nobody ever told me," she said.

Wow! An "iCarly" reunion AND we get to finally find out about Carly's mom? This is better than all the Fat Cakes and Spaghetti Tacos combined.

Cosgrove is still attending college at the University of Southern California, so if a reunion ever does happen, it's probably not going to be right away. But, hey, who cares?

She's down for doing an "iCarly" reunion!

It's time for a random happy dance.

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