'We Should All Be Mirandas' Is The Feminist 'SATC' Mantra We Deserve

We couldn't help but wonder how we've lived without this T-shirt for so long.

Carrie Bradshaw might have used her incredibly unrealistic salary to drop $710 on a Dior “We Should All Be Feminists” T-shirt.

You know who would have never done something so frivolous, even in the name of feminism? Miranda Hobbes.

That’s part of what makes this new shirt, designed by the masterminds behind Instagram account “Every Outfit on Sex & the City,” so genius.

Lauren Garroni and Chelsea Fairless, who, you guessed it, attempt to document every outfit from a show in which wardrobe was a character itself, debuted a $32 “We Should All Be Mirandas” T-Shirt Tuesday.

Miranda Solidarity

The slogan, a play on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Ted Talk and book title, pays homage to the character their website calls “the sanest member of the squad.”

“It’s hard being a Miranda in the age of Trump and $700 feminist slogan tees,” the website reads. “But if Mirandas ruled the world, the world would be a considerably less fucked up place. We should all be Mirandas: smart, pragmatic, ambitious and unafraid to eat cake out of the garbage.”


Another main difference between this shirt and the designer version? This shirt goes up to an XXXL, while Dior’s only went up to an L. You don’t have to be partner at a law firm to figure out the extreme lack of inclusion there.

Head to the aptly titled Miranda Solidarity website to pre-order.