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Miranda July Designed A Purse And It's Everything You Hoped It Would Be

Miranda July Designed A Purse And It's Everything You Hoped It Would Be

Writer slash performance artist slash filmmaker slash app developer Miranda July is now also a fashion designer. She recently collaborated with leather goods brands Welcome Companions on a new bag, titled "The Miranda." The portable satchel is a chic, red leather number which, in typical Miranda July fashion, is totally cute and normal.

Just kidding! It's basically a piece of moveable art, obviously. The unassuming bag doubles as a survival kit for all the needs of a lady millennial on the go. There's a miniature nightie for sleeping in a strange bed, a bottle of Calm SR homeopathic pills, a single almond for low blood sugar and a USB flash drive labeled "Ultra Top Secret Projects."

There's also a collection of "multi-purpose cards" that may or may not be well received in real-world scenarios. One alerts shopkeepers you're allowed one free item from the store, while another politely requests more lubricant.

"Although it is often the exterior of the handbag that we notice,” Welcome Companion designer explained to The New York Times, "it’s also interesting to have the interior be a public part of identity."

She added: "your stuff is also a kind of companion."

July works her magic in the video above, explaining the various tricks up her little bag's sleeve, and thus continuing to bridge the gap between art and life. The avant-garde accessory toys with the notion of needing a consumer good, placing a literal survival kit within it.

For more of July's recent enchanted inventions, we direct you to "Somebody," her new social messaging app that turns the world into a performance piece.

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