Miranda Kerr On 'Conan': Model Talks 27-Hour-Long Birth, Making Orlando Bloom Pee In A Bottle (VIDEO)

Victoria's Secret model and Orlando Bloom's wife, Miranda Kerr, stopped by "Conan" on Wednesday night and the talk show host started things off right, telling her, "That is an incredible dress that you've been dipped into." He added that Miranda's figure, in light of her recently giving birth to baby Flynn, "makes every woman I know really angry." Oh, Conan.

When asked how she got back into bikini shape, Kerr said, "I practiced yoga throughout my whole pregnancy and I eat really healthily and I just continued that, really. I have been working out. I've been doing resistance training and some good squats, sit-ups and all that stuff."

She also revealed that her labor lasted a whopping 27 hours and she went at it without any meds: "I had made my mind up that I was going to have a natural birth...then the doctors said 'Ok, you're going to have to be induced because there's not enough fluid for the baby,' so I was induced. And then, it was 27 hours later with not one drop [of pain medication] because I'd been determined I'd do it....And let me tell you, my baby was almost ten pounds."

And what was Orlando doing during the day-long ordeal? "He was there every moment by my side, I never even let him go to the bathroom...he had to pee in a bottle."

Okay, then.