Miranda Kerr's Cosmo Australia Cover Is Three Years Old (PHOTOS)

The fashion industry may not be exceptionally green, but they are great at recycling magazine covers.

Cosmopolitan Australia is the latest mag to reduce, reuse and recycle a celebrity cover star for a new issue. The Aussie glossy's August 2013 cover girl is everyone's favorite Aussie model, Miranda Kerr, looking luminous as ever. But a keen-eyed reader on TheFashionSpot noticed that a nearly identical photo had appeared on the cover of Flare back in Fall 2010.

Of course, there are some small differences between the two covers that are turning our Photoshop radar on high alert. Miranda's coloring looks darker in the second photo and her face fuller, and (though it's barely perceptible) her waist looks slightly less whittled down on the Cosmo version. In fact, in the second photo, Miranda Kerr actually looks more like herself.

Is it possible that a magazine decided to use less Photoshop rather than more? Now that would be groundbreaking.

Check out the two photos and tell us what you think.

Flare, Fall 2010:

miranda kerr flare

Cosmopolitan Australia, August 2013:

miranda kerr cosmo

Hey, you can never have too much Miranda:

Miranda Kerr Style Evolution

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