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Miranda Kerr Thong Unfortunately Sees Light Of Day (PHOTOS)

OK, here is one of life's mysteries we will never understand: why do women wear thongs with jeans?

If they're white jeans, fine. Jeggings, OK. But if you ask us (and let's pretend you did) everyday blue denim does not require g-string underwear. It just doesn't.*

So why would you risk it like Miranda Kerr did today? The Aussie model, who's been running picture-perfect errands in picture-perfect outfits with her picture-perfect baby around NYC recently, was out on yet another city jaunt when she suffered a slight thong-related malfunction. Leaning over to buckle her son, Flynn, into his car seat, Miranda gave the world a quick flash of lavender thong.

Which, as far as wardrobe malfunctions go, is fairly innocuous. We're less concerned with the visible panties -- we've seen Miranda in her underwear, oh, ten thousand times -- than we are with the thong-with-jeans decision. Why, Miranda? Whyyyyy?

*This is, of course, a contentious argument, one hotly debated amongst the HuffPost Style staff. Some of us are pro-thongs, some of us against. This writer, if you couldn't tell, falls in the latter category.


miranda kerr thong

miranda kerr thong

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