Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton Named Most Desirable Celebrity Neighbors By Zillow Survey 2013

We can think of several perks that would come with having stars next door.

We can think of several perks that would come with having celebrities as our next door neighbors. For example, we wouldn't mind borrowing a cup of sugar from Martha Stewart, shooting some hoops with Blake Griffin or trick or treating with the Jolie-Pitt crew.

So when Zillow surveyed a sample of American adults for the real estate site's sixth annual Celebrity Neighbor Survey to determine which stars people would most (and least) like to share a fence with, the results were surprising. A whopping 45 percent of the population would prefer not to live next to any celeb. And Zillow reports that this statistic has continued to grow annually.

Even still, 10 percent of people chose country music stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton as their neighbors of choice, beating out Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift who tied for second place at nine percent each. Other stars that made this list include Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Last year's results polled Tim Tebow as the most desired neighbor.

When it comes to celebs we don't want on our cul de sac, 21 percent voted for Alana Thompson and the rest of the cast of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," while last's years least popular neighbors were the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore." Zillow's Chief Marketing Officer, Amy Bohutinsky, noted that it is a trend that people are turned off by the idea of the film crews and papparrazzi associated with reality telesion. The only stars to be on both lists are Kristen Stewart, and beau Robert Pattinson.

Country music website Taste Of Country commented on the findings, noticing that several of the favored celebs were country performers. Shelton and Lambert, who have been married over a year, share a home in Oklahoma when they aren't touring. Shelton told Taste of Music, “Miranda loves to sit on the couch and watch movies and drink all night, and there will be at least four dogs piled up on us.” Alright, that sounds like a decent Saturday night with neighbors.

Head over to Zillow to see the complete survey results.

Since country stars seemed to really rock the vote, how do you think these other couples would fare in the survey?

Country Couples

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