Miranda Lambert Won’t Talk About Politics Because She’s A Country Singer, Dammit

"We talk about tears in our beers.”

In the ongoing debate on whether or not celebrities owe us their politics, Miranda Lambert stands firmly in the Taylor Swift/Reba McEntire camp ― that is, she thinks politics don’t belong on a concert setlist. 

In an interview with Billboard magazine published on Thursday, the country singer spoke about her beliefs, explaining exactly why she refuses to get political. 

“I am a 100 percent believer in not ever using the platform that I’ve built for anything other than music, because music to me is an escape from your own reality,” she said. “I don’t want to go to a show and hear somebody preach about their opinions.”

When the interviewer tried to get a little more from her, Lambert stuck to her guns. 

“It’s so divided [in politics], you can’t win anyway ― and what are you winning? For someone to agree with you, and now you’ve spoken your piece and pissed off many other people, just for one person to go, ‘She’s right’? It doesn’t do any good,” she continued. “I’m a country singer. We talk about tears in our beers.” 

Of course, Lambert can make her own decisions, and if that means she chooses to keep her political leanings to herself, so be it.

Another thing Lambert kept (almost) to herself: details of her divorce from Blake Shelton, which she wrote about in her 2016 album, “The Weight of These Wings.” 

In the Billboard interview, the singer explained that she didn’t feel it was necessary to talk about the album. 

“If you want to hear my side of the story or my opinion of what happened, it’s all on there,” she said. “There’s no mystery anymore ― take from it what you will.”

To read her whole interview, head to Billboard



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