Miranda Lambert's Brother And His Husband Make A Splash In Her New Video

"Tequila Does" depicts an LGBTQ-inclusive Nashville celebration, complete with rainbow floats. "It's been a really cool sibling bonding for us," the singer said.

Miranda Lambert’s latest musical project is a family affair in more ways than one.

The Grammy-winning country artist unveiled the video for the Telemitry remix of “Tequila Does,” a track from 2019’s “Wildcard,” on Tuesday. Much of the buzz around the clip has focused on Lambert’s husband, Brendan McLoughlin, who shows off his chiseled physique in a steamy cameo with his brothers, K.C. and Patrick.

But “Tequila Does,” which was directed by Reid Long, also features an appearance by the singer’s brother, Luke Lambert, and his husband, Marc. Together, the group enjoys an all-inclusive Nashville celebration, complete with frozen cocktails and rainbow floats. Given that country music is still seen as a conservative genre, it’s a refreshing surprise to see a married gay couple featured so prominently.

Catch the video for “Tequila Does” below.

“Being in a family where I am surrounded by LGBTQ people, it has me learning and figuring out how I can be a part of the change and still be the same person I have been as an artist for 20 years,” Miranda Lambert told GLAAD in a Thursday interview. “I don’t see why those worlds can’t mesh. I speak up about things I care about! If I can be a part of this change in any way ... I always want to do that.”

The singer has been an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ rights for years, and in 2019, she and Luke attended New York’s LGBTQ Pride Parade together. After she shared snapshots of the festivities on Instagram, however, her fans were divided, with some pledging to denounce her music from that point onward.

Luke (left) and Miranda Lambert on the "Tequila Does" set.
Luke (left) and Miranda Lambert on the "Tequila Does" set.
Acacia Evans

“I feel like the people who commented negatively weren’t my followers,” she later told PrideSource. “Also, I don’t understand why people have time to get on social media and be negative. I think they should get a hobby or a job, or both. ... But I also know that if you’re polarizing, you must have an impact. Can’t be loved by everybody. So I try to take the good and run with that.”

As for her relationship with Luke, she told GLAAD this week, “We have come a long way from him struggling and figuring that out to now being in this video with me. It’s been a really cool sibling bonding for us, and for our family.”

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