Miranda Lambert's Assistant Always Packs A 'Bag Of Liquor For Emergencies'

Lambert says the bag is for "meltdowns and things like that."

Some people have happy flasks, others have “nanny bags.”

Miranda Lambert told Sounds Like Nashville about the “nanny bag” her assistant puts together when they’re on the road ― a bag of booze!

“My assistant packs — I call it my nanny bag — she packs a bag of liquor for emergencies, for meltdowns and things like that,” Lambert said. Clearly, that assistant is the MVP and deserves a raise immediately.

Lambert said the bag was helpful when her flight to the ACM Awards was canceled so she was forced to rent a van to drive to Las Vegas.

“I’m like, OK, we’re good, I’m golden. We just need a cooler of ice and we’re going. It was fun,” she said of the mayhem.

Lambert ended up winning Album of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year at the ACM Awards on Sunday night. She is the first-ever performer to take home the latter award eight consecutive times

We’ll drink to that!



Academy of Country Music Awards 2016