Is Music The Hobby That Can Make You More Successful? (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Hobby That Can Make You More Successful

The benefits of music have been recognized for many years -- studies have shown that listening to it can reduce stress, boost heart health and protect the brain. But, according to Miri Ben-Ari, its most significant effect may be its ability to make you more successful.

Ben-Ari, a Grammy-award winning violinist who has been influenced by the power of music since she was young, said that practicing the craft can have a large impact on self-esteem. On a recent HuffPost Live segment, she outlined the connection between successful actors and policy makers and their musical hobbies to host Nancy Redd.

"Defining successful people and finding the annex between their success and musical education, that's a no brainer," Ben-Ari said. "It has been proven that music education contributes to development of the brain -- especially the left side that has to do with processing languages -- to your overall social skills, intelligence, the ability to focus and discipline ... so I totally see this annex between successful people and music education."

Check out the clip above to hear more about the correlation between music and success, and watch the full video on HuffPost Live.

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