Mirlande Wilson, McDonald's Worker, Claims Mega Millions Winning Ticket Was Not Paid For By Co-Workers


Following last week's Mega Millions buzz, the mood has shifted from excitement to fury over Maryland's unclaimed winning ticket.

Mirlande Wilson, an employee at a Maryland McDonald’s, claims she holds a winning ticket, which would make her one of three winners of Friday's record-high $640 million jackpot, reports the New York Post.

But Wilson's coworkers allege that her ticket was part of a lottery pool, and that she must share the wealth.

37-year-old Wilson told the New York Post that although she did take part in the pool, she bought the winning ticket on her own. Another person who took part in the pool refutes Wilson's claim and says Wilson was given additional money late Friday night to buy extra lottery tickets before the Mega Millions drawing.

Wilson has yet to claim her prize.

Three winners hailing from Kansas, Illinois and Maryland were drawn on Friday and will split the historic $656 million payout, notes ABC News. No winners have yet been identified.

If Wilson is indeed a winner, she'll be able to choose between receiving her prize in 26 yearly payments totaling $218.6 million or a one-time lump sum of $157.8 million.

Maryland lottery communications director, Carole Everett, told ABC News that there is no evidence that Wilson's story is true.

"There's nothing to substantiate anything," Everett told ABC. "It's probably not this person."

This isn't the first time an office Mega Millions pool has lead to mega mayhem.

Americo Lopes, a New Jersey resident and winner of a $38.5 million lottery jackpot, was sued by five co-workers who accused him of not sharing his earnings after the six men had pooled money to buy lottery tickets. Last month, a jury ordered Lopes to share his winnings with the five men.

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