Mirlande Wilson, McDonald's Worker, 'Loses' Mega Millions Ticket

The Mega Millions drama escalated further on Friday after a Maryland McDonald's worker claimed she lost the winning ticket from last week's historic record $656 million drawing, MSNBC reports.

“I have no idea where it is. I’m not sure I have it,” Mirlande Wilson told the New York Post.

On Monday, 37-year-old Wilson claimed she had the winning ticket, which 15 of her McDonald's co-workers allege was part of a workplace lottery pool.

But controversy erupted when the mother of seven told the New York Post the winning ticket was bought separately from the pool and that she wouldn't share the winnings.

Days later, Wilson said she had hidden the winning ticket in the McDonald's restaurant, but was refused entry when she turned up to search for the paper.

Maryland Lottery officials held a press conference Thursday to address the rumors over whether the jackpot had been claimed.

Lottery Director Stephen Martino said no one had yet presented the winning ticket and asked people to double check their numbers, according to MSNBC.

Last Friday's drawing resulted in three winners hailing from Kansas, Illinois and Maryland.