Water Skier Smacked In Crotch By Flying Fish (You'll Feel It, Too)

This will leave you REELing.

As viral videos go, this one is nuts.

Last week, a collegiate water skier in Japan was smacked in the crotch by a flying fish that jumped out of the water as he came by.

The skier, known as Miroku, is a member of the Waterski Team at Waseda University, according to RocketNews 24.

Miroku was filmed skiing when he suffered the type of groin injury that will make anyone cringe.

Let’s not keep up the suspense, since he posted the painful clip on Twitter.

Miroku commented on the Twitter post in Japanese, but Google translated his comments into one succinct sentence: “The fish hit the crotch directly.”

Google Translate isn’t always 100 percent accurate, but we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt in this case.

Despite the unexpected and painful-looking injury, Miroku looks like he managed to stay on his skis.

Meanwhile, fans of the cringeworthy have made it into a GIF to be enjoyed for posterity.

Roll that being-beaned footage:



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