Mirror Miracle: Healing Illness Through Fixing A Broken Body Image

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Jennie Lynn, a professional fitness model, is a vivacious woman blessed with the genetic makeup so many women aspire to have. She is warm, friendly, beautiful and lights up the room when she walks in.

Although Jennie was setting the beauty standard as a model, she still had the same negative thoughts about her body that plagues 93% of women in the Western World. However, unlike most women, Jennie’s negative body image issues were severe enough to be categorized as body dysmorphia - a belief that her normal body was deformed in some way. Jennie says: “my desire to be perfect and have a perfect body started to actually erode my health. The negativity I sent to my body started to take a physical toll.” Jennie’s negative relationship with her body led her body to attack itself, whereby she developed an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos Hypothyroidism.

When Jennie was unsuccessful healing her body with medication, diet and doctor visits, she began a practice of body appreciation. She looked into the mirror beyond her flaws and into her eyes. Through her eyes, she spoke to her soul and it transformed her life and health forever! She calls this the “Mirror Miracle.”

We are all about body appreciation! So, it was a delight to learn about Ms. Lynn’s innovative approach to healing her body and self image. Here are some of the things she shared with Body Peace University.

BodyPeaceUniversity.com: Can you describe your struggle with a broken body image?

Jennie Lynn: Every time I looked in the mirror, my eyes would focus right to my flaws and this became a daily habit. It was that bad habit of looking in the mirror and only seeing an imperfect person - that’s what I kept telling myself that I was. This bad habit grew into an obsession with perfection. The amount of self-criticism I inflicted upon myself actually caused my own body to start attacking itself until I was diagnosed with a full blown autoimmune hypothyroid disease. My body was crying at me to stop this self-sabotage through subtle symptoms, but then it become a scream.

BodyPeaceUniversity.com: So many women can relate to what you described. Can you explain the “Mirror Miracle” and how it helped you reconnect with yourself to heal what you call your “broken body image?”

Jennie Lynn: I had come across the picture of the woman hugging her reflection in the mirror and it really hit me just how much damage I had been doing to myself. I was estranged from the beautiful young woman that was reflected in my mirror. I needed to get to know myself, appreciate myself, and love myself so that I would no longer sabotage with self-directed negativity.

I started to look into my eyes in the mirror because that is the key to the soul. I would ask for guidance of my higher self and connect deeply to my soul to find my purpose. After making this a habit, I no longer looked into the mirror at my flaws. I started to recite healing affirmations and really believe I could heal. This was a powerful and liberating exercise which totally transformed me from the inside out. I was able to remove the blocks that allowed my body to heal itself.

BodyPeaceUniversity.com: Love it!!! We have a mirror exercise in our signature program: “The 10 Commandments To Love Your Body As Is.” Some clients report that they cannot look at themselves in the mirror without crying. Your exercise of staring into your own eyes to see your soul will really help women who struggle to look at their own reflection. What was the most important revelation you had while you healed your relationship between yourself and your body?

Jennie Lynn: I can change my reality simply by changing my thoughts! I had been habitually ungrateful for my body, feeling incomplete, and unloving of myself. Our emotions let us know if we are in a good or bad vibration based on how we feel, and this is what the law of attraction will bring to us. What I discovered is that I was operating off of a frequency of lack where I was trying to manifest abundance. These are two opposing frequencies. Unless the source is in harmony with the desire, the two cannot connect; it’s like oil and water.

When I finally shifted my thinking and loved myself, I experienced this miraculous healing. I met my real self for the first time. This became the premise of the title of my book, Magnetic Love. I loved the title Magnetic Love, but I did not fully understand its deeper meaning until I was done writing my book and experienced the incredible power of it myself!

Jennie Lynn - Author of "Magnetic Love."

Interviewing Jennie triggered reflection on how she, like many women, had a split relationship between her body and herself. There is her “true self” and there is that body that belongs to fashion critics, weight police, and men who objectify women. The real tragedy of objectification is that so many women feel separate from their body and wish they could just abandon it. It is a sickness in society when the mothers of society, the nurturers, wish they did not have the vehicle that grows and nurtures life.

Body Peace University recognizes that your body is yours and one with your true self whether or not others approve of how it looks. Join us and learn more about our retreats, workshops, or online classes.

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