Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...


Looking for that perfect someone to make you happy? Someone who will validate you and make you feel complete?

Well, look again! This time just look in the mirror...

Yes. Just look at you. You have all you need inside of you.

Constantly waiting with abated breath, and hoping that someone else will come along and offer to make you whole can be stressful and strip away at your self-worth. Refusing to let go, postponing your life and your happiness until that person comes into your life can be tortuous and fill your days with anxiety and restlessness.

Besides, just imagine how freeing and liberating your life would be when you relax and let go. When you can be your true self instead of constantly trying to adopt a personality that must please others. By trying to be someone who you are not, faking it simply to fit in and be accepted. Having to up the ante and go out of your way to dress in clothes and wear make-up that may not reflect your true personality. Adopting behaviors such as drinking and smoking, perhaps even doing drugs, just so you can look "cool". Even going a step further and going under the knife to have unnecessary procedures, all the while thinking and believing that something is wrong with you. All of which can be demeaning and demoralizing.

Today we are bombarded by the media, news, magazines, and commercials, by a society that gives utmost importance to the need to be a perfect size and relevant by having to follow the latest trends in hair, clothes and make-up. Trying to keep up can drain our resources, time and energy, not to say the anxiety that follows our constant need to boost our self-confidence just so we can prove that we "belong". It is no wonder that we are under constant stress and tension in order to look good while trying to win the love and acceptance that we otherwise don't believe we are worthy of.

Let's not ignore the real reason we follow the herd. Could it be because our energy is one of emptiness and loneliness? Are we constantly trying to compete and keep up with the Joneses? The world we live in can sometimes feel lonely and hostile. At the core of our being most of us are in search of love and acceptance. We need to be validated. What we're really wanting is someone who really "sees" us. We're searching high and low to quench that thirst, and having failed in our quest, our attention goes to our food, fads and fashion.

Before we give our hearts, let us recognize that the love we are seeking is not "out there" but right here. It is inside of us. All that frantic searching will come to an end if we would just look in the mirror.

If you are full and content, comfortable in your skin, totally in love with all of you, then you will draw to yourself the type of people and relationships that are a clear reflection of you.

Make friends with yourself, love yourself and put yourself and your needs before anyone or anything out there. You will recognize the real depth, richness and color of this love that is so fulfilling as to transcend beyond words. It is your essence, your very core. It is unconditional and selfless, caring and attentive, enchanted and enraptured. It is called self-love.

As you begin to love yourself you will free yourself from anything and everything that is not good for your health: food, people, things, situations, and everything that saps your energy and draws you away from yourself. That attitude is called healthy egoism.

As you begin to love yourself you will refuse to live in the past and only live in the moment where every wonderful thing is happening. You will be fulfilled.

As you begin to love yourself you will notice that nothing can disturb your peace. You will be connected to your heart. You will no longer fear arguments and confrontations that drain your energy. You will be living in your own truth and be authentic to your own needs.

As you begin to love yourself you will stop craving a different life. You will understand that at all times you are in the right place and that everything is happening at the exact right moment. You will be calm and self-confident.

As you begin to love yourself you will quit trying to always be right, and in that process you will realize that you are wrong less of the time.

Fall in love with the beautiful being that you are, and you will exude an aura of confidence and surety, and others will be attracted to the real you because then you will have guided them to your real beauty.

Love yourself unconditionally and selflessly. You need not go far to search for true love... just look in the mirror.

Have you told yourself: "I Love You" today?

Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript of a divine letter,
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.
The universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself,
Everything that you want
You are already that.

~ Rumi

© Rani St. Pucchi, 2016

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