Mirror Neurons Do WHAT?

Bernie Sanders is a political leader with crowd pleasing good ideas. However, Hillary Clinton also brings good ideas, vast international experience, AND the image of a woman as president to the global stage.

There is science and timing at work here. The "girl effect" is also the "woman effect." The resonating power of Hillary's image alone - broadcast 24/7 by the global news media - will result in more women as leaders at every level of society.

When 40%, 50%, and even 60% of our policy and decision-makers are women, will they readily make the changes that Bernie Sanders wants? I believe the answer is "Yes!"

Since my work revolves around understanding what cultural suppression does to women, and what they can do to it, I also support the inclusion of leadership training for women and girls in school curriculum, and a mandatory quota of 40% or higher for including women in key decision-making bodies in corporations and governments at home and around the world.

Just like it "takes two to tango," it takes the dynamic synergy of men and women working together to make the changes Sanders calls for in his speeches.

In a sense, it's like applying good parenting techniques to the world of business and technology: raising each business and new technology from "cradle to grave" to be socially responsible and mindful of the needs of others.

Do you agree?

Alexia Parks is Founder of the 10 TRAITS Women's Leadership Development Academy. She is recognized as a thought leader and world expert on women's leadership and empowerment, based on 10 powerful leadership traits hardwired into the FEMALE brain.