Books That Thoughtfully Handle Pregnancy Loss

These miscarriage stories and guides help break down the stigma for adults and children.

Although up to 20% of known pregnancies end in loss, people who’ve experienced miscarriage still often feel a sense of shame and stigma. A powerful way to combat stigma is through writing.

Many people have shared their miscarriage stories in personal books that navigate the emotions of pregnancy loss. A number of guides from mental health experts also provide advice and understanding to those experiencing this trauma.

Below, we’ve rounded up 15 books for children and adults that thoughtfully cover pregnancy loss.

"Something Happened"
This children's book helps parents navigate pregnancy loss with their young kids and address any feelings and questions that may arise. (Available here)
"We Were Gonna Have A Baby, But We Had An Angel Instead"
This book uses child-friendly language and emotions to help them understand the experience of pregnancy loss. (Available here)
"My Sibling Still"
This love letter from a child to a sibling lost to miscarriage offers a way to honor a loss while grieving. (Available here)
"Molly's Rosebush"
This children's book explores how miscarriage can affect children and how they can cope. (Available here)
"I Had A Miscarriage"
Psychologist Jessica Zucker wrote this miscarriage memoir to break the silence and stigma around pregnancy loss. (Available here)
"What God Is Honored Here?"
As the subtitle notes, this book is a compilation of writings on pregnancy and infant loss written by and for Indigenous women and women of color who've experienced this kind of trauma. (Available here)
"Not Broken"
This guide aims to help women understand miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss from multiple perspectives. (Available here)
"The Miscarriage Map"
Psychologist Sunita Osborn's guide touches on many aspects of life after a miscarriage, from its impact on relationships to the negative feelings it brings up about your body. (Available here)
"About What Was Lost"
A collection of essays from 20 writers, "About What Was Lost" offers a variety of personal experiences and perspectives on miscarriage. (Available here)
"The Brink Of Being"
"The Brink of Being" takes a compassionate look at the psychological, emotional, medical and cultural aspects of miscarriage. (Available here)
"A Guide For Fathers: When A Baby Dies"
This book is meant to provide support to dads-to-be following pregnancy loss as they comfort their partners while coping with their feelings of loss. (Available here)
"I Love You Still"
"I Love You Still" is a memorial baby book to give bereaved parents the chance to honor their unborn children after pregnancy loss. (Available here)
"Empty Cradle, Broken Heart"
This gentle guide helps parents navigate grief after miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death. (Available here)
"Empty Arms"
A counselor who has experienced miscarriage firsthand shares her story and advice. (Available here)
"A Silent Sorrow"
"A Silent Sorrow" tackles grief, relationships, rituals, reactions from loved ones and other aspects of pregnancy loss. (Available here)
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