Mischa Barton Opens Up To Dr. Phil About Being A Victim Of Revenge Porn

"It is a serious crime to tape people without their knowledge."

2017 has not been Mischa Barton’s year. 

After ending up in the hospital claiming she had been drugged in January, Barton is now in the middle of a legal battle over alleged revenge porn made by her ex-boyfriend. She says a tape, featuring intimate moments between the couple, was recorded and offered for sale without her consent. Revenge porn refers to intimate content distributed without permission.

In an emotional interview set to air Monday, the former “OC” star tells Dr. Phil her side of the story and the circumstances surrounding the betrayal. According to Barton, she first learned of the tape’s existence when a friend stopped her on the street several months ago.

“I didn’t believe it at first,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it because I had loved this person and I didn’t think it was possible … I later learned that it was entirely possible.”

The actress says her former boyfriend’s initial intent wasn’t to distribute the tape for financial gain, describing his behavior as “emotional blackmail.”

“It was a crime. It is a serious crime to tape people without their knowledge,” she added. “And I had made the mistake of putting myself in the situation with that person, so I just removed myself from it as quickly as I could. And then it just continued to be complete emotional abuse after that.”

Her appearance on the daytime talk show marks Barton’s first public interview since news of the tape surfaced. Earlier this month, the star addressed the issue alongside her lawyer at a press conference.

“My absolute worst fear was realized when I learned that someone I thought I loved and trusted was filming my most intimate and private moments, without my consent, with hidden cameras,” Barton told reporters. “And then I learned something even worse: that someone is trying to sell these videos, and make them public.”

The “Dancing with the Stars” alum also discussed with Dr. Phil the erratic behavior that led to her recent hospitalization; she claims to have no memory of the incident. 

Barton’s interview on “Dr. Phil” airs Monday on CBS. 

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