Mischa Barton Reportedly Facing Repossession Of Audi For Failing To Pay Lease

She apparently hasn't made a payment in four months.

Mischa Barton has reportedly run into some more financial troubles. 

The former "O.C." actress has apparently neglected to pay the lease on her Audi Q3 for four months, TMZ reports. She signed the lease agreement back in March and agreed to pay $696.29 a month after putting down an initial payment of $2,300. However, the celebrity news site notes that she only made one payment. 

TMZ also notes that according to legal documents, the leasing company demanded Barton return the SUV, but she didn't. Now, they're apparently demanding the full payment of $40,ooo. 

The Huffington Post has reached out to Barton's reps for comment. 

The actress, 29, has had other financial troubles in the past. Back in April, she sued her mother for taking a large sum of her earnings and forcing her out of her town house. In September of last year, OK! reported that the actress was "drowing in debt.



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