Here's A Topless Cigarette-Smoking Mischa Barton To End Your Day

Welcome to Mykonos, b***h.

Either Oliver Trask from “The O.C.” has broken out of prison and returned to run Mischa Barton’s social media accounts or Julie Cooper seriously needs to revoke her daughter’s Instagram privileges. 

After making everybody’s eyes collectively roll with a bikini photo tribute to victims of police brutality, Barton is back on that social media tip. Foregoing the bikini this time, the actress posted a “censored” topless photo of herself on Tuesday, smoking cigarette atop a balcony overlooking Mykonos. You know, normal people stuff!

“Island vibes,” she captioned the photo alongside a Greek flag emoji and the hashtag #Censored. 

Island vibes 🇬🇷 #Mykonos #Censored

A photo posted by Mischa Barton (@mischamazing) on

Considering Barton’s behavior as of late, we’re betting that her original caption was one of three options: 

A) A lengthy post about the instability of the Greek economy 
B) An impassioned plea to the European Union to accept more refugees
C) An apology to Brooke Shields for stealing her Calvin Klein look. 

Looks like she’s learned her lesson? 



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