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MisCount On It: "Hacking Democracy" Is This Year's November Surprise

One of the most shocking pieces of this truly frightening documentary comes from a GOP candidate who in 1996 filmed 15 machines malfunctioning.
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I have just finished watching the HBO documentary "Hacking Democracy" and what a surprise -- Diebold, and its Republican backers, are doing everything they can to stop it from showing tonight.

Why? It shows the lunacy of the electronic voting system and how easily it can be hacked and there is ample evidence that it has been done before.

Ironically, one of the most shocking pieces of this truly frightening documentary comes from a Republican candidate from New Orleans who in 1996 filmed 15 machines malfunctioning - exactly like was reported in 2000 and in 2004 in the Presidential Election. I didn't believe in those reports - I do now.

Because you can watch as she films the machines:

She punches her name.

Another candidate gets the vote.

As simple as that. Caught on tape. Ten years ago.

Much has been made of the negative 16,022 votes that Al Gore got in 2000 in Volusia County Florida. "What's a negative vote?" someone asked me. Well, I guess that it's called "stealing an election."

The hero of this story is Bev Harris, a Seattle grandmother who like many heroes, starting digging into this issue because she figured if she didn't, maybe no one else would either. So she did. God bless her. And her entire crew for fighting for the truth.

My advice to everyone: watch this documentary tonight.

My advice to candidates who are running this year: watch this documentary tonight. And get ready to fight.

"Hacking Democracy" premieres tonight on HBO at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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