Hey Far Left: Time To Help Hillary!

I think all the anger we feel about government and corporations was unfairly directed at Hillary individually during the primary and it is taking its toll that may cost her - and the world under Trump - the election.

The center piece of the relentless attack was to equate her paid speeches with her being wholesale one with corporate evil - and a generation of the left now believes this and may not vote for her.

But this just isn't fair viewed within the context of her long record of public-interest work. Her first jobs and thirty-year record. But none of that mattered. There was one story: demonize Hillary - ride the zeitgeist of anti-government and anti-corporate sentiment and pin it all on the woman.

This has taught a whole new generation to doubt her trustworthiness and deny her the respect and gratitude she so richly deserves from a life-time of remarkable advocacy and results.

She has earned her way to where she is, one committee, one hardship, one battle at a time - all on behalf of those in need, mostly children and women, from Arkansas to Beijing.

The absence of at least appreciation is telling. And the vehemence of the anger is revealing.

This can not be simply about this one women. Just like it's not all about Obama.

At this point, I don't know what if anything can be done to remedy this before it affects the election. The wet blanket, the buzz-kill, the purity of policy wielded like a backhand to the face. Use the 2nd Amendment Trump says.

So I call on everyone who approaches this from a socio-political perspective to look at their own actions against Hillary and balance those out so Trump gets his fair share.

Otherwise, look at what we've done. We - the progressives - have character-assassinated a world-class lady. A bridge builder and diplomat. A hero to women around the world.

Hillary is not the corporate anti-christ. Trump is.

The far left needs to mobilize its social media purity test now against Trump too, or forever be that guy. That guy who - with a double-standard - brought down the first woman ready and qualified to be President. A grandmother who actually earned her way there.

Right now, only 36% of her support is "very enthusiastic" and she lags Trump - who is lying in plain sight - in "trustworthiness" by 15 percentage points, a surreal result of obvious misinformation and imbalanced probing by the media.

Where's the social justice in that? Balance and fairness bring equality for all. Be that leader.

#BrokeHerBackGetHerBack #HillaryDeservesBetter #SheEARNEDit