Sad Men Nap Sadly In This Hilarious Instagram Account

Life is hard when you're a dude.

It turns out then when they're not ruling everything from Congress to the Academy, men turn to public napping. And they don't just nap -- they do so with miserable and exhausted aplomb. 

Haha. I love this guy.

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A new Instagram account, aptly called Miserable Men, exposes one activity that -- if the account's photos are any indication -- will instill hellish misery into the bodies and souls of many, many men: being left alone in a department store while, presumably, their S.O. gets her shop on.  

This man is wondering what he did wrong in a past life...

While this entrepreneurial fellow scores points for using the shopping cart as a footrest.

Come on #miserablemen, I thought we were going to stand our ground this year and stay home!

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And this poor guy's wife left three hours ago and forgot to tell him.

This poor sap's just praying for it all to end.

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The only bad thing about Miserable Men is that there have thus far been a quick 36 posts -- we eagerly await more submissions. 

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